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"You Call the Play, We Run the Route."

About Us


81 Logistics Group is a commercial enterprise, and as such, exists for generating sales & profits for its investors, owners, managers and staff. Because 81 Logistics Group is a service business, it also exists to serve its customers. 81 Logistics Group will become the leading MBE solution in the downstream energy market and aims to become the Amazon of transportation and supply management for our clients.

Our Partners

Client Advantages

Reduced Time, Reduced Costs, Reduced Internal Resource Commitment.

No need to incur costs or expend internal resources to coordinate the timely arrival of purchased products

Single source for coordination and delivery of products

Reduced need for I.T. and other technology investments associated with logistics coordination and delivery

Ability to meet MBE and/or DBE inclusion goals with a qualified and reliable source

Get to Know the Owner

The company is owned by Tim Brown, 2015 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee, 1987 Heisman Trophy winner and 1988 Notre Dame Graduate.

- A Qualified, Certified, Minority-Owned Logistics Company Focused On:Building Logistics Capability (Initially Ground Fuels, Oil & Lubricants)

 - Develop Working Partnerships with Established Majority Company(s)

 - Immediate Ability for National Reach

- Pursuing Public Sector & Private Sector MBE Goaled  Opportunities

"We believe there is an opportunity for our call centers to become the Amazon of transportation and supply management for our clients"


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